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Fall Weddings are Upon Us

Can’t say I am a fan of the cold weather (I’m an island girl for life) but I do love me some fall clothing and fall colors. Such regal and rich tones. I guess it doesn’t hurt that cold weather leads to more cuddling, which leads to more love, which leads to more weddings, which […]

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Urban Prettiness: The Lounge

Lounges at weddings are cool. It creates a very comfortable vibe because it encourages, well, lounging. And when people lounge and drink, the next thing that follows is to dance and party. Isn’t that what you want people doing at your wedding? P.S. Be warned, I have seen guests channel their inner Prince and Apollonia […]

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Urban Prettiness: The Textures

I had to learn the hard way that it is texture, and not color, that provides a rich landscape with depth and character. I once threw a party with different shades of my “favorite” colors. I just knew it was going to look hot, until I put it together, and well, it was not. Everything […]

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Urban Prettiness: The Gift Table

I hate to break it to you, but most people throw away those wedding favors you spent so much time coordinating with your “theme.” One thing they won’t get rid of though, is a personalized gift. We love the idea of creating a mini scrapbook for each of your guests. It is time consuming (good […]

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Urban Prettiness: The Pretty Elements

Blush fever isn’t an easy fever to get over. It obviously took us for a loop on this photo shoot, and we loved every minute of it. As much as I thought I didn’t like pink (i.e. my mom was instructed not to buy ANY pink clothes for my two girls when they were born) […]

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