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The Inspiration Behind “Exotique”

Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. The opportunity to see the world, try different foods, shop, find global inspiration for my client’s events and “feel” colors is invaluable. There is one color I find that has the ability to transcend cultures. Be it the stained glass of the Saint-Denis, the wall paintings at Knossos or the Bassin Bleu in Jacmel, it’s the color that has inspired painters, musicians, designers and the first pair of jeans – Indigo Blue. Indigo was even banned in parts of Europe. That’s how exciting it can be.

Thus, Indigo seemed the perfect one to play a leading role in our next creative photoshoot. As with any Luxe Fête project, our design process starts with the creation of an inspiration board. Everything must fall in line with the board’s carefully thought out identity (representative of our client). And every board gets a name. Meet this fine lady we call “Exotique.”

Exotique Inspiration Board by Luxe Fete

Be sure to check back soon to see how we transformed “Exotique” into reality with the help of some remarkable vendors. P.S. Sorry Marsala, but you are NOT our color of the year.


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