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Ginger Me Slowly

A potential client from Canada once called and shared, “I love the music you feature on your blog. We want to hire you.” “Whoa,” I thought, “Just based on the music I curate?” It was a wonderful feeling. One thing I know for sure (in my Oprah voice) is that music gives a soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything else. Please add this song to your playlist and first dance consideration. It’s just magic and I am emphatically in love with everything about Ginger Me Slowly, on the Lagos Music Salon by Somi. Somi is an American singer and songwriter of Rwandan and Ugandan descent. There is a strong jazz inflection mixed with African rhythms. Hope you enjoy where it takes you just as much as I did. A special thank you to the bride that introduced this to me.

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Luxe Travel: Norse Hill Estate

Our team is back from a most incredible destination wedding that we planned in Port Antonio, Jamaica. We are not even sure where to begin, so we will start with a glimpse of our home base while on the island, the beautiful Norse Hill Estate – which itself would make for a perfect backdrop for a wedding.  Norse Hill is eight acres of well-kept but jungle-like gardens with panoramic ocean views. The grounds of the gardens are lush, the view of the ocean through the mountains is majestic and the staff here is so warm, it will actually be hard to say goodbye. Our friends at Feather and Stone captured charm of this experience. TAKE ME BACK. Pronto. And let’s plan a wedding here too!

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Berta Bridal Exclusive Interview with Luxe Fete

Reason No. 337 we love our friends at Chic Parisien – always bringing my clients the freshest of the fresh. We recently attended their VIP welcome reception and trunk show for world-renowned bridal designer, BERTA – the only place in Florida to score one of these gems. We are thrilled to share our exclusive interview with her. Berta has singularly redefined the bridal gown industry. Her creations pay homage to today’s woman: strong, smart, beautiful and elegant – and have clearly inspired other bridal fashion houses. Just take a look at her massive social media following (combined in the millions) and the starlets, socialites and confident women around the world who have donned her work.

The Israeli designer, with Egyptian roots, is just as regal an graceful as her collections. Find out what inspires her and what it means to design the most important dress in a woman’s life. Without further ado, our good friend, BERTA!

P.S. At Berta’s insistence, I may or may not have tried on a few of her dresses. I mean if the designer obliges, you must right? Check out our Instagram feed and Berta’s to see for yourself.





Happy Birthday Babe!

This man. He and I went for a hike recently in the beautiful mountains of Crested Butte. This place is likely the Jeopardy answer to: Heaven. We were very excited for our adventure. I picked a trail that was scenic, easy and short (less than 2 hours). After a lot of winding roads, we finally found the designated parking spot for the trail. Brian asked me if we should walk toward the mountain or down the dirt road. I point to the dirt road and tell him it will lead us to our path. “Really?” he asks? “Yes, of course,” I reply.

We marvel at the beauty that surrounds us. And we walk and walk and walk. It’s muddy. We are getting splashed by passing trucks. Our feet constantly sinking into the ground. Brian looks at me and says, “ I really don’t think this is the right way Nat. Why would they create a trail that has you dodging cars on a muddy road?” “This is what the book said,” I quickly respond. So we walk and walk and walk some more and now I am hot, and I am thinking to myself, “If this shit is supposed to be 2 hours long, why does it look like we can walk until our legs fucking fall off.” I say nothing, but Brian mumbles, “Shit is starting to look the same, it’s time to head back.” “Thank God,” by my heart sings. Me and mud – not friends.

We finally get back to the car. I am happy just to sit down. Brian decides he will sit on the hood to take in one last breathtaking view and I guess experience what they call the “Colorado Rocky Mountain High.” The smoke clears (figuratively) and I see Brian is taking selfies. I decide I want a picture of him taking selfies. So I get out of the car and within three seconds, we are both shaking our heads. We notice that behind Brian, 20 feet away from our car, is a trickle of older white women, exiting a little pathway. They are really friendly and chatty. They tell us we should move to Crested Butte and they go on and on about the beautiful trail. They have no mud on them. And there is a big sign next to them that says, “Trail.”

We start to laugh at each other. We are thinking the same thing: (1) Our hike was actually a long walk down a dirt road; (2) Black people don’t hike and (3) If this was Amazing Race, we would be a disgrace to our family. We couldn’t stop laughing. But I felt warm inside realizing that muddy dirt road or wildflower-lit path, there is no one else I would rather share life’s journey with. Brian, thank you for your patience, love and kindness. You sacrifice so much for our family, yet, you always just laugh. I can’t wait to get our black asses back to Crested Butte with JoJo and Lucca in tow, but this time on a trail. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE. Nothing but the best for you today and everyday. Where ever you go, I will follow.






Classic Estate Wedding

We will take a classic bride and beautiful estate any day. Congrats to our beautiful couple Karine and Antonio!


October 29, 2016 - 12:26 AM

RicaM - Love really has so much to offer! What a beautiful event! Let me discuss this to my fiance cause I really love working with you. Our wedding is in fairchild tropical botanic garden http://new.bestmiamiweddings.com/venue/fairchild-tropical-botanic-garden/ you may take a look and let us know what can you offer for us to have an unforgettable wedding. Thank you so much! 🙂