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Just In Time For Sunday: Soup Joumou

Just in time for Sunday soup! Such an honor to share this special traditional Haitian recipe with my friend Yaniv Cohen of the The Spice Detective. Yaniv is also the Vice-President and Creative Director of Shiraz Events. Shiraz is an award winning full service Catering, Model Staffing, Production and Design company with offices in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and London. Proud to call him a colleague.  Nothing is better that cooking with your Mama! And mine, Evelyn Cadet, has always taught us that where there is food there is LOVE. Hope you enjoy the recipe. Let me know! 





Kristin and Andrew Perez Art Musuem Miami (PAMM) Wedding Photos

Photography: Fiona Conrad Event Planning and Design: Luxe Fête ; Florals: Flower Bazaar ; Paper Suite: Rusin Design ; Venue: Perez Art Museum ; Catering: Steven Starr Events; DJ: Lion Dub ; Entertainment: Litus Music Installations ; Cake: Dominique Couture Cakes  and Rentals: Unearthed Vintage ; Video: Merge Social

Kristin and Andrew – Bliss

This is wedded bliss. Our NYC couple, Kristin and Andrew. A clear Miami day. A stunning venue. And the greatest family and friends to surround them. Thanks to our friend Fiona Conrad for capturing the magic.


Dinah Washington, What a Difference a Day Makes

Photography: Fiona Conrad Event Planning and Design: Luxe Fête ; Florals: Flower Bazaar ; Paper Suite: Rusin Design ; Venue: Perez Art Museum ; Catering: Steven Starr Events; DJ: Lion Dub ; Entertainment: Litus Music Installations ; Cake: Dominique Couture Cakes  and Rentals: Unearthed Vintage ; Video: Merge Social

Florida Social Planner of the Year Nomination!


From sitting in a law office daydreaming about another life to sitting in my event planning office daydreaming about being named Social Event Planner of the Year. None of it is possible without you! I am thrilled to share this esteemed nomination by BizBash Reader’s Choice Awards. I need all of #TeamLuxeFete to rock the vote! Please vote here, up to one time a day and share with your friends too. What an honor to be nominated. THANK YOU for your support!

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Reflections on my 38th Birthday

Today is my birthday. I remember turning 20 like it was yesterday. I remember turning 30 like it was an hour ago. I finally understand what it means to live in the now, live with passion and gratitude, and appreciate the journey (the perceived good and bad). I am at Mile Marker 38 and what a humbling journey it has been.

Nathalie Cadet-James of Luxe Fete

In the first 37 years of my life, I:

  • became a mother;
  • married a man named Brian Theophilus James;
  • traveled to foreign lands;
  • beat up a girl twice my size in both junior high school and high school (different girls);
  • was almost expelled from college;
  • became a lawyer;
  • grew dreadlocks;
  • cut off all my hair;
  • lost my father;
  • invested in commercial real estate;
  • became a homeowner;
  • fell out with my childhood best friend;
  • learned to meditate;
  • became a neighbor that waves at other neighbors;
  • enjoyed volunteering my time and being a part of Miami’s cultural transformation;
  • gave into being an entrepreneur;
  • decided I was in fact an artist too;
  • was nominated by my peers as the Social Event Planner of the Year in Florida (vote vote vote!);
  • was blessed with an incredible mentor;
  • mentored a few remarkable young women; and
  • became a mother who sits on the sidelines screaming things, like “Roar Lioness Roar!”

nat and mom2

Me and my beautiful Mom who share the same birthday.

I stand on the shoulders of some pretty special individuals.  My paternal grandmother did not know how to read or write. She nonetheless managed to send my father to medical school in Argentina by running the equivalent of a pawn shop then later acquiring a lot of land. My mother, whose family was well regarded in Haiti, and my father, both worked long hours to make sure we had the best of the American Dream.


My aunt and grandmother in Haiti.


My Papa in medical school in Cordoba, Argentina.

My grandmother often said,  ‘Si ou mande, wa rive Rome.’” In Creole it means if you ask, you can get all the way to Rome – i.e, if you have the courage to seek, you will find; the thirst to learn, you will be quenched, solutions solved, dreams realized.


Me in Rome. 

The flame of that adventurous spirit was lit in me at a young age.  Today I bring the passion of a globally-inspired perspective to cultivate “Luxe Fêtes” that guests relish long after the event has ended.  In life and in my designs, I seek to focus on what really matters. I am on a mission to make the experience of life richer and more meaningful through my work as a designer, planner, wife, mother, philanthropist and global citizen. I am thankful for my amazing clients, now dear friends who have been a part of this journey. I’ll be driving through 38 one day at a time, with my rock, Brian, by my side. Take heed – get out the way.



June 6, 2015 - 12:05 PM

Nathalie Cadet-James - I love you Michelle Chereque! Thank you dearest.

May 15, 2015 - 10:15 AM

Michelle Chereque - You are such a beautiful person – inside and out! Roar lioness!!

April 29, 2015 - 5:15 PM

Nathalie Cadet-James - Thank you Toyanna! Very kind of you.

April 29, 2015 - 5:15 PM

Nathalie Cadet-James - Thank you Mom. Love you.

March 17, 2015 - 12:41 PM

Evelyn Cadet - Simply well put!!! I’m behind you all the way.
Love Mom

March 17, 2015 - 9:51 AM

Toyanna Mayo - What a great post and wonderful way to mark your 38th birthday. Happy Birthday to you! Wishing you all the blessings your heart can stand.