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Proper Table and Dinner Guest Etiquette

Because social media has a funny way of making us lose our mind and table manners, I thought I’d share some easy pointers on being a great guest.  


The same as any polite situation applies. Eye contact when speaking, consistent posture and hands in your lap while waiting.

Know to Turn Off

A beautiful mention of your hosts work on social media is a compliment but one with a limit. Don’t monopolize more than a moment to take a photo and be sure to disconnect during dinner (no under the table usage). The best compliment you can give is being present.

Pay Attention

Before drinking, serving and unfolding your napkin, take cues from your head of table. Every one of your movements should follow second to theirs.


Touch up lipstick or otherwise should always be done after excusing yourself from the table.


Begin on the outside of your cutlery and move inward for every course change. When finished eating place your knife and fork vertically through the centre of your plate.


No need to apologize for your diet restrictions. Make your needs known to your host well in advance of the event.

Lastly, smile for you are making memories like these wonderful Luxe Fête guests below!


My Favorite Holiday Tradition

No matter what kind of night December 31st brings me, I will wake up early and run to my mother’s kitchen for my favorite holiday tradition of eating Soup Joumou. It is essentially the highlight of the year for myself and my friends who “just happen to be” in the neighborhood that day. Soup Joumou is a traditional delicious soup made every New Years’ on January 1, as a tribute to Haiti’s independence in 1804 from France.  During the colonization, the French forbade Haitians from consuming pumpkin soup as it was considered too sophisticated for the palate of mere slaves. After the historic revolution, Haitians eat pumpkin soup every January 1, to commemorate that freedom. I missed it one year because I spent the night at my boyfriend’s (now husband) house and didn’t want to make the 45 minute drive – never again people. I need it to ground my year – and 2015 is already shaping up to be a remarkable one. Hope you find and commemorate your freedom too! Happy New Year. 



Photo via Cooking in Sens

Happy Holidays!

This year we enjoyed the little things in life, because the year before that we realized they were the big things. Family is everything and somehow I was blessed with this one. From ours to yours: HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Thank you Dee Dunham Photography for always capturing the spirit of our family. What a gift you have and so lovingly share with all your clients.  Love you.





Holiday Party Do’s and Don’ts 

Navigate your way through holidays parties with a few simple guidelines sure to move you to the top of every invite list.

Do Step Outside Your Circle 

The merry feeling in the air makes it easy to start conversations and make connections. An amazing event is marked by the mingling so don’t be afraid to ask for a few introductions from fellow attendees. 

Don’t Forget a Hostess Gift 

No matter how lavish or last minute never be the one to come empty handed. A bow around a bottle of wine or chic designer candle presented privately says worlds. 

Do Rethink your Party Wear

Stay away from extremes of the very everyday and overly festive. A creamy cranberry matte lip and glittery pearl highlight turn any outfit into seasonally decadent. Metallic Shoes – Yes.  See Giuseppe Zanotti’s below

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

Take the time to share a little praise to those generous enough to open their doors. A handwritten note or even a few typed lines means the most and ensures continuing invites. 

Do Remember your Timing

Even worse than arriving late is too arrive early. If you need an exception to the time be sure to inform the organizer. Say hello on arrival, goodbye on departure and most importantly know when to call it a night.

Party On!  


LuxeFeteGoldMetallicShoes Giuseppe Zanotti

Creative Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Tis the season to show some love and appreciation for your employees. Bypass the typical tired choices of a wicker basket of treats and show your team how grateful you are with the below alternatives.

Mission Statement Books 

Whether it’s the best seller that got you to start your business or the novel that inspired your brand aesthetic this is a elegant way to share your story with your team. When in doubt a best selling biography of an industry maven or idol makes for an on point pick. Bill Gates recently gifted the novel “The Rosie Effect” by Graeme Simsion to 50 friends. I recently shared the book “The Essentials of Fabulous Because Whatever Doesn’t Work Here Anymore” by Ellen Lubin-Sherman with my team.

Eclectic Cocktail Set 

Personal preference can limit choosing an apropo wine or alcohol for everyone. A variety set is charming and leaves personalization to the receiver. A copper mug, martini shaker, beer stein, fluted wine glass or whiskey lowballs are unique and a sure welcomed addition for over the holidays.

Chocolate Rethought 

Modernize the classic gift by choosing artisanal flavour combinations and bars over box chocolates. Choices like Matcha, salted caramel and lavender are unexpected but foodie appreciated.

Styled Stationary 

Personalization creates a loved gift. Initials instead of full name printings in neutral and metallic tones play off as understated but polished.


Flowers never go unappreciated. A lush classic arrangement doesn’t need to scream femininity and limit who can receive it. Seasonal choices and succulents in earthy tones will ground the piece.

P.S. A combination of all of the above would really make you a standout employer.



Photo: Etsy.com/beachbabyblues